Meet the McKelveys

So you want to “meet” the people behind the posts?  Here we are!

TJ aka Captain Teedge


Captain Teege is the head of our crew and has been sailing since age two.  Okay, not really, he has been sailing since the ripe old age of 13 in Charleston, South Carolina.  TJ has salt water coursing through his veins and a passion for the sea like no one Lane has ever met!  Given his first sailboat at age 14, TJ knows the hard work (and money) it takes to keep one afloat!  Sailing competitively in high school, and for the US Merchant Marine Academy in college, has only continued to drive his passion.  It is his personal life goal to sail around the world solo.

Lane aka First Mate/Blog Author


First Mate Lane is the amazing wife of Captain Teedge and the stay-at-home mom to Swab Vivienne, as well as a freelance writer.  A lover of the sun, sea, and SOCA music, Lane actually knows nothing about sailing except what she has picked up since moving aboard.  Lane is also not a stranger to the water, spending her summers as a child on Lake Erie (in power boats) in Ohio.

Vivienne aka Swab 


Swab Vivienne started swim lessons at six months old; creating a child who is fearless around water.  Aside from swimming, Vivienne loves art, getting out all her toys and not cleaning them up, and playing with her dogs.  It is truly amazing First Mate Lane doesn’t have gray hair yet! Swab Vivienne also loves the sun and the sand.

Mississippi aka Missi aka Stowaway 1

Missi Poo

Stowaway 1 is our precious poodle.  Missi puts up with a lot when it comes to Swab Vivienne!  Stickers in her fur, being a foot rest, and even a “horse” at times!  Stowaway 1 is partial to First Mate Lane, following her around everywhere.

Kai aka Stowaway 2

Kai Diddle

Stowaway 2 is our loveabull pit bull.  Kai, which means “sea” in Hawaiian, has never really had the opportunity to live up to her namesake.  She is our protector by giving lots of slobbery kisses.

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